Don’t Drive With A Damaged Bumper

Don’t Drive With A Damaged Bumper

Schedule a bumper repair appointment in Stockton, CA now

It’s not safe to drive around with a damaged bumper, and it doesn’t look great, either. If your bumper is in bad shape, call Cavallino Coachworks Inc ASAP. We offer bumper replacement and repair services in Stockton, CA.

3 reasons to choose us for bumper repair or replacement

You can’t drive around town with a broken bumper—rely on Cavallino Coachworks for fast and affordable service. Here are three reasons to choose us when you need bumper repair or replacement services in Stockton, California:

  1. We’ll make sure your new bumper matches your car exactly.
  2. We’ll use cutting-edge welding tools to weld your broken bumper seamlessly.
  3. We’ll always suggest the most cost-effective repair option.

We’ll inspect your vehicle thoroughly to determine if a bumper repair will save you more money in the long run than a complete bumper replacement. Bring your car to our auto repair shop in Stockton, CA today to speak with a technician.